Piece Together Last Night’s Drunken Escapades With The ‘Drunk Mode’ App

By | 2 Comments

New app for iOS and Android lets college students get wasted safely. Also prevents drunk dialing. Somebody call the Nobel committee.


Your Selfie Could Soon Double As A Cancer Test

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to polarized light, and the mantis shrimp, soon your smartphone could be administering cancer tests.


STUDY: 5% Of UK Residents Check Facebook During Sex

By | 5 Comments

Brits have to take their hands off of their lovers because Facebook is calling. Not me though, ladies.


California Wants To Add A Stupid Kill Switch To Your Phone

By | 16 Comments

Governments love the idea of making your smartphone more vulnerable with a kill switch, and California is going to try and make it the law.

Wii U

6 Smartphone Apps Nintendo Needs To Start Working On Now

By | 4 Comments

Nintendo is going start making apps for smartphones. Here's a few ideas they should be looking into...


NVidia Kicks Off The CES Madness Early With the Tegra K1

By | 2 Comments

The Tegra K1 is the perfect manifestation of the idea that there's no kill like overkill.


Why Adding A ‘Kill Switch’ To Smartphones To Try To Discourage Theft Is A Terrible Idea

By | 11 Comments

New York State wants every cellphone to have a kill switch. But that's not going to help consumers, or stop theft. Here's why.


How To Use Your Smartphone To Save On Holiday Gifts


Christmas gifts aren't cheap... but your smartphone can help you find deals.


LG’s New G Flex Smartphone Bends But Doesn’t Break

By | 10 Comments

LG's latest creation is the Wolverine of smartphones.


Sanity Prevails! You Can Now Use Your Phone During Take-Off And Landing.

By | 6 Comments

The FAA has decided sanity should prevail; you can now use your phone to play games during take-off and landing.


Here’s Project Ara, Google’s Would-Be iPhone Killer

By | 9 Comments

Project Ara is going to try and put Apple back where it was in the '90s. But will it work?


Apple Is Cutting Back On iPhone 5c Production

By | 7 Comments

Does a cut order mean bad news? Generally, yes... but this is Apple, so nothing is quite what it seems.


The Samsung Galaxy Round’s Big Selling Point Is Basically That It’s Got A Dent In It

By | 7 Comments

Not even Samsung can explain why you need the Galaxy Round, but hey, it looks cool!


This Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Announcement Parody Is Making Us Like Samsung


Are you guys psyched for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3? If not, let this announcement parody persuade you to get on the comically-large Samsung wagon.

so long

BlackBerry Is Dead. It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet.

By | 8 Comments

BlackBerry is headed off the stock market in a private sale, and it's likely soon. But why?


Does The iPhone 5S Violate Your Constitutional Rights?

By | 16 Comments

Somehow, Apple has managed, in the iPhone 5S, to create a device that violates your civil rights just by owning it.


Apple Will Be Unveiling The iPhone 5c Tomorrow, But What Will It Cost?


The iPhone 5c has been a poorly kept secret... except for the price. We offer an educated guess at what Apple will be charging.

T Mobile Sidekick

The 5 Things I Loved Most About My T-Mobile Sidekick (Before The iPhone Killed It)

By | 19 Comments

When the T-Mobile Sidekick, or Danger Hiptop in other markets, first came out it was looked at as a bulky, novelty pager.


BlackBerry Finally Decides To Sell Itself

By | 2 Comments

BlackBerry is going to sell itself in hopes that somebody wants to buy it.

you are not that important

No, It Is Not Acceptable To Talk During A Movie, Anil Dash

By | 47 Comments

Anil Dash argues that you should be allowed to talk during a movie. And it mostly makes us wonder if he understand the appeal of movies.

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