Here’s How Much Monetary Damage Calvin From ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ Caused

By | 12 Comments

Here is a completely serious study on just how much damage a kid like Calvin can do to your home.

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‘Girl Gamers’ Comprise Half Of All Gamers; It’s Science.

By | 20 Comments

Some of you might have to have a seat when you read this, because the numbers don't lie.


Why SketchFactor And Similar Apps Are Pointless

By | 5 Comments

A new app purports to help you find the wrong side of the tracks and avoid it. But the realities of crime make it useless.


Science: Facebook Makes You More Likely To Get Divorced

By | 9 Comments

Facebook might be wrecking your marriage. Or, rather, giving you the handy tools you need to wreck your marriage!

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More People Are Watching World Cup Ads Than Super Bowl Ads, But Are They Better?

By | 9 Comments

Here's a totally scientific and accurate evaluation of this year's World Cup ads compared to the commercials from Super Bowl XVIII.

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SHOCKER: A Third Of All Games Downloaded On Steam Are Never Opened

By | 12 Comments

Ars Technica has done an in-depth study of Steam, and the results are simultaneously amusing and surprising.


What Do People On Twitter Claim That They've Given Up For Lent This Year?

By | 2 Comments

The folks at Open Bible have been tracking what people claim they've given up for Lent on Twitter and the results are rather uninspiring.


The ‘S’ Stands For ‘Smash': Real-World Costs Of The Fights In ‘Man of Steel’, With GIF Evidence

By | 41 Comments

Here is a statistical analysis of the amount of carnage the fight scenes in 'Man Of Steel' would cause in a real city, with GIFs as supporting evidence.

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Now We Have Proof That Many Women Do Like ‘Game of Thrones’ (Not That We Needed It)

By | 49 Comments

The New York Times and Thrillist suggested women don't like 'Game Of Thrones'. Let's see what actual viewership statistics say about that.

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Surprising Statistics About the Video Gaming Industry

By | 5 Comments

Perhaps more than any other fans besides comic book lovers, the gamers are subject to the unfair stereotypes that stigmatize their favorite form of entertainment.


Being A Geek Now Officially Cool


In a recent telephone survey of one thousand American adults, 57% said being called a geek is a compliment, and 65% said everyone is a geek about something.

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GLaDOS Is Pleased To Inform You Of Valentine’s Day Gift Options


Valve released an informative Valentine's Day safety video to promote Portal 2, which is incidentally more videos please.


Internet Porn: Stats, Figures & Skin

By | 8 Comments

Apparently, America is full of people who love porn on the internet.

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