Sh*t Liz Lemon Says (And The Morning Links)

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SHUT IT DOWN. A supercut of all of Liz Lemon's greatest lines.


Max From ‘Happy Endings’ And Jean-Ralphio From ‘Parks and Rec’ Used To Do Comedy Together, And Morning Links

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Max from 'Happy Endings' and Jean-Ralphio from 'Parks and Rec' were in a comedy trouble called Hot Sauce Academy.

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‘Whites Only’ Is The Most Racist Laundromat Ever (And The Morning Links)


A hilarious ad for an inappropriately racist laundromat, plus highlights from around the web.


‘The Walking Dead': Battle Of Woodbury Teaser Trailer (And The Morning Links)

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A glimpse at the Battle of Woodbury from the second half of 'The Walking Dead's' third season, plus highlights from around the web.


Gay White Jewish Dude Does Best Oprah Impression Ever By a Gay White Jewish Dude (And The Morning Links)

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Check out three minutes of 'Eliot's Sketchpad,' the great new web series from Eliot Glazer.


Here Comes Heisenpug: I Am The One Who Barks (And The Morning Links)

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Introducing Heisenpug, the Internet's greatest 'Breaking Bad' dog-mashup, and highlights from around the web.


Buffy Takes A Swing At A Housewife Comedy (And The Morning Links)

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Sarah Michelle Gellar takes another crack at a comedy, plus highlights from around the web.


The Undetected Visual FX On ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Will Blow Out Your Mindhole (And The Morning Links)

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Before and after shots of the sets (and characters) on 'Boardwalk Empire,' illustrating the massive amounts of visual effects that goes into the show.


Reality Stars Sing ‘We Ruined the World’ On ‘The Soup’ (And The Morning Links)

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To celebrate the end of the world, 'The Soup' got a bunch of reality stars together to sing 'We Ruined the World.' It is TERRIBLE.


Former Whacked Out, Hep-C Heroin Addict Gets Her Own Network Sitcom (And The Morning Links)

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Former heroin addict and dog-molesting threat, Natasha Lyonne, will make a sitcom loosely based on her life, plus highlights from around the web.


Martin Short Gets Molested By The School Janitor In The Unaired ‘SNL’ Sketch (And The Morning Links)


In a dress rehearsal sketch from 'Saturday Night Live,' Martin Short stars sitcom set in a high-school that together for a 30-year reunion show.

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NBC Takes Another Crap On Ann Curry (And The Morning Links)

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How did NBC screw over Ann Curry this time, plus highlights from around the web.


Scully Is Returning To Broadcast Television For The First Time Since ‘The X-Files’ (And The Morning Links)

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Gillian Anderson's is coming back to television, ten years after 'The X-Files' went off the air.

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Jimmy Fallon And The Roots Adorably Win The Internet Again (And The Morning Links)

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Jimmy Fallon sits with The Roots, Mariah Carey, and adorable kids for a backstage performance of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'

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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Three Featurette And First Look: Mance Rayder (And The Morning Links)

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Two minutes of behind-the-scenes footage of season three of 'Game of Thrones,' which has our first look at Ciaran Hinds' Mance Ryder.

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Who Is Tall And Young Enough To Play Wonder Woman For The CW? (And The Morning Links)

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The CW is looking to cast a Wonder Woman for 'Amazon,' their female counterpart to their fall hit, 'Arrow.'


The Voice Of The Animated ‘Cat In The Hat’ TV Series Will Host ‘SNL’ Again (And The Morning Links)

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Martin Short, a former 'SNL' cast member, is set to return for the first time in 16 years.

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