Everybody Thank Zooey Deschanel, Because ‘Adorkable’ Is Now In The Dictionary


Guess what dumb new words were added to the 2014 edition of Collins English Dictionary?

2014 Emmy Awards

Heidi Klum Used The Mani-Cam To Twerk And Here Is That Important Moment

By | 9 Comments

Heidi Klum confused the mani-cam with the twerk cam and it was a wonderful moment in TV history.


This Twerking Performance In Europe Comes With An Incredibly Awkward Reveal

By | 15 Comments

This is a must-see GIF from a twerking performance. Nothing else needs to be said.


Oly Twerk Is Probably The Worst Video About Twerking Weightlifters You’ll Watch Today


Witness OLY TWERK, today's best video about weightlifters twerking. If you've seen the twerking dog, you sorta know what to expect.


The Miley Cyrus And Robin Thicke MTV VMA Performance Is Now An Actual Halloween Costume

By | 13 Comments

Now you and a friend can dress up like Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke from the MTV VMAs for Halloween this year with this actual costume.

#jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Supercut: Media People Wondering Why Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Didn’t ‘Twerk Out’

By | 5 Comments

Can Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth twerk it out? Possibly. Hold on before you make that twerking joke, though, because literally everyone beat you to it.

#jimmy kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Rounded Up News Reports About His Fake Twerking Video And Took A Victory Lap

By | 3 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel rounded up a bunch of news reactions to his fake twerk fail video and compiled them into one glorious supercut.


This Is What 18-35 Year Old Millennials Are Searching For But Are Afraid To Ask

By | 17 Comments

You can tell a lot about people but what they search. What's ratchet, molly, or hummus? Millennials in 2013 are looking for all sorts of crazy things.

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In Appreciation Of Twerk Team, Digital Pioneers In The Dance Miley Cyrus Hijacked

By | 39 Comments

From the moment Hannah Montana uploaded that fateful video of her "twerking" in that weird onesie months back, it's been something myself and others have seen coming like the bubonic plague.

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Lil Twist Ft. Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber – “Twerk”

By | 26 Comments

This is never going to stop because Miley already told you that she can't stop.

#Miley Cyrus

The Oxford Dictionary Added “Twerk” After Whatever Miley Cyrus Did

By | 16 Comments

Thanks to whatever Miley Cyrus did on the VMAs the other night, the Oxford Dictionary is adding the word "twerk" to its Oxford Dictionary Online.

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