Jimmy Kimmel Rounded Up News Reports About His Fake Twerking Video And Took A Victory Lap

One of the few undeniable truths in this world is that sports are better and more fun when athletes are doing elaborate dances after scoring touchdowns or flipping their bats like Rickey Henderson after hitting a home run. There are two reasons for this: One, it is great; and two, it fills stuffy old sportswriters with so much rage that the little white card that says “PRESS” keeps popping out of their fedoras while they’re furiously tapping out a column about PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY or DICK BUTKUS or SOMETHING, and annoying the hell out of those guys is a noble and important endeavor.

Anyway, that’s essentially what Jimmy Kimmel did last night. He rounded up a bunch of news reports about his now infamous twerk fail prank video, played clips of them back-to-back-back on his show, then giggled with delight about what he had pulled off. It’s the comedy equivalent of the post-home run bat flip. And it’s beautiful.

p.s. Nathan For You totally did this first.

(via Splitsider)