Watch These Porn Stars Read Their Insanely Hateful Hate Mail

By | 80 Comments

You've seen celebrities read their mean tweets, but porn star hate mail is INTENSE.


Video: Porn Stars Weigh In On Deflate Gate

By | 17 Comments

Your favorite porn stars weigh in on your favorite controversy.


Someone Finally Made An All-Female Porn Parody For ‘Archer’

By | 36 Comments

The fine people at Wood Rocket have made an all-female parody of everyone's favorite animated spy series, 'Archer.'


Porn Parody Masters Woodrocket Create Their Own ‘Fifty Shades Of Santa’

By | 16 Comments

Santa Claus is coming... honestly I think you can insert your own porn pun here at this point.


The Hunger Games Porn Parody Wishes ‘May The Odds Be Ever In Your Beaver’

By | 21 Comments

There are surely countless Hunger Games porn parodies out there by now, but only Woodrocket's combines a gloriously nonsensical tagline "May the odds be ever in your beaver" with a logo featuring two birds buttf*cking on a dick-shaped log.


Here Are Some Porn Ladies Dressed As Nicolas Cage

By | 25 Comments

Vuko and Tabitha Stevens dress up like Nic Cage for WoodRocket's 'Naked Models Dressed As Nic Cage.'


‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ Get Porny With ‘The Royal Tenendongs’, Starring James Deen And Stoya

By | 29 Comments

Exclusive photos from The Royal Tenenbaums porn parody photo series, The Royal Tenendongs.


Googly-Eye Porno Is Something That Exists Now

By | 13 Comments

Porn with googly eyes is something that exists now. We just thought you should know.


The Hobbit Has A Porn Parody Called ‘The Knobbit,’ And It’s Available Online For Free

By | 31 Comments

We would've also accepted "The Hobbitch," "Queer and Back Again," and "An Unexpected Orgy."

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