By: 03.09.10

Nolte relaxing by the Santa Monica pier

Today in news that gets my panties damp, Nick Nolte will reportedly join the cast of HBO’s “Luck,” a drama about the world of horse racing produced by David Milch (who created “NYPD Blue,” “Deadwood,” and “John from Cincinnati”) and starring Dustin Hoffman (Kung Fu Panda). Bonus excellence: the pilot will be directed by Michael Mann.

The deal isn’t done yet, but I hear Nolte is already “mucking the stalls” at Santa Anita racetrack where the drama will unfold. Dustin Hoffman already signed to star, along with Dennis Farina and John Ortiz…

Mann reached out to Hoffman to play lead character Ace Bernstein, a freshly paroled track fixture… Mann hadn’t worked with Nolte before but his longtime casting director Bonnie Timmerman did and Nolte is agreeing to play The Old Man, a formerly famous trainer. [Deadline]

Oh man, I can’t wait to hear the kind of insight Nolte will infuse into The Old Man. “Dang, always tragic when a horse dies at the track. *swig of cough syrup* Welp, we better skin ‘er before the meat goes bad.”

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