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UPDATE: high-res image via philadelphia will do

Andy Richter mopped the floor with Dana Delany and Wolf Blitzer on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” last night, finishing with a total of $68,000 that will go to his charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Wolf Blitzer, meanwhile, played the role of Sean Connery on Saturday Night Live’s spoof, minus the Trebek insults: he wound up thousands of dollars in the red. Apparently he’s too busy in the Situation Room to know what fettuccine looks like.

You can watch the entire episode below (see the 1:50 mark in part 2 to grasp Blitzer’s ignorance of pasta). And yes, I know: the questions are ridiculously easy. Still, Richter’s dominance is unbelievable: I kept a running tally of his performance, and he answered about two-thirds of all the clues correctly — twice as many Blitzer and Delany combined. He was incorrect only twice the entire game. (I can only hope that this topic surfaces on this evening’s “Tonight Show.”)

Updated intelligence ranking scale: comedians > actors > news anchors. I’m not sure whether to put reality TV stars before or after news anchors.

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