A Fresh ‘Arrow’ Season 5 Trailer Proves That The Show Is Getting Back On Track With A New Team

By: 09.18.16

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“I’m recruiting a new team.”

That’s Oliver’s (AKA The Arrow’s) goal in the first trailer for Season 5 of Arrow. The CW’s hit comic book show has been struggling a bit in recent years to click the way it did in the first few seasons. After last season’s (SPOILER) death of Laurel Lance AKA The Black Canary the Arrow team disbanded to go spend time with family or, you know, not put their lives in dancer every second of the day because Oliver Queen isn’t that great a leader or strategist.

Now, with a statue in Laurel’s honor being erected on the city wharf, Oliver is picking up the pieces of his nonexistent team and his life and leaping right back into action to protect the city. So this time, instead of a veteran of war and a trained assassin having his back when danger comes knocking Oliver is dealing with untrained friends and new players having to stand up to evil threats. Without his trusted sidekicks, will Olly be able to succeed in his battles just as easily as before? Or is him being beaten into oblivion while tied to a chair a glimpse at Queen’s new normal without his sister and best friend helping him not get killed?

Whatever the case in the new season for the characters, it looks like the new setup has the behind-the-scenes Arrow team locked in again as this trailer really clicks and moves in a way that most episodes couldn’t last season. Whether it’s just an example of very good marketing or whether this season will actually be a return to form for both the fictional Green Arrow and the show itself, it is at least promising after recent unevenness.

(via Vulture)

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