The 15 Best Stand-Up Specials On Netflix Right Now

12.07.16 2 days ago 33 Comments
best stand-up on netflix right now


Last Updated: December 7th

The past few years have seen a rigorous expansion of comedy programming on streaming services of all shapes and sizes, but standup comedy is definitely getting its due after years of neglect. Hence why there are 165 titles in Netflix’s stand-up category (as of this writing). And while that seems like a lot, this total is constantly climbing with new licensing deals and private offerings being added on a regular basis. Even for budding comedy fans, there’s a lot of must see comedy specials to choose from.

To get acquainted with the burgeoning mix that Netflix includes with its streaming subscription, check out the 15 best stand-up specials on Netflix currently available for streaming. These titles aren’t listed in any particular order according to funniest stand-up, quality, duration, content or age. Rather, they’re meant to provide you with an adequate, inclusive representation of the good comedy specials listed among the other 148 titles mentioned under “Stand-up Comedy.” But yeah, they’re all really good and deserve enough of your time.

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