‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 4: Key Details And New Cast Members For The Final Season

When Power came to an end at the beginning of 2020, it took just seven months for what we now know as the Power Universe to officially launch. That start came in the fall of 2020 with the premiere of Power Book II: Ghost which focused on Tariq St. Patrick’s life as a young adult enrolled in college and still committed to a life in the streets following the death of his father James “Ghost” St. Patrick. For three seasons of Power Book II: Ghost, viewers watched Tariq navigate college, the streets, relationships, family drama, and more. The series provides a thrilling experience for viewers, and it’s grown to be a favorite in the Power Universe. Unfortunately, that experience will come to an end this year, as the upcoming fourth season of Power Book II: Ghost will be the show’s final season. So, with that in mind, let’s dive into everything you should know before Power Book II: Ghost season four.

Release Date

The final season of Power Book II: Ghost will arrive in two parts. It has yet to be confirmed how many episodes which half will have with some reports saying five each for a total of 10 and others saying ten each for a total of 20. The first half will premiere on June 7 while the second half will premiere on September 6. For both parts, new episodes will be available to stream on the STARZ app on Fridays at midnight EST/PST. The episode will later make its on-air debut on the STARZ TV channel on Sundays at 8pm ET/PT.


The cast for Power Book II: Ghost season four will have some big changes. First, there will be some absences to get used to. Last season, Lorenzo Tejada (played by Berto Colon) was killed in episode five by Gordo (played by Erik Hernandez) who was hired by Monet after Lorenzo confessed to her that he accidentally killed Zeke. Gordo was killed in episode seven after Dru, whom he was romantically involved with, learned that Gordo was the one who killed his father. Cooper Saxe (played by Shane Johnson) was killed in the following episode by Davis MacLean’s brother Theo Rollins (played by Jordan Mahone) after Davis, Theo Rollins, and Tariq St. Patrick found out that Saxe was snitching on Tariq. Theo later shot himself in the head after killing Saxe. Lucas Weston was killed by his nephew Brayden in order to save Tariq from getting arrested, as Lucas was ready to offer him up in exchange for immunity in connection to a Ponzi scheme. Lastly, the fate of Monet is still in the air as season three ended with her getting shot by Tasha St. Patrick, thought Cane believes it’s Tariq as Dru and Diana are set on framing him for it.

That’s who we lost in season three. As for the new names, Power Book II: Ghost season four will add Golden Brooks (Girlfriends), Michael Ealy (Think Like A Man, The Perfect Guy), Aaron Dean Eisenberg (The Iron Claw), Alison Luff (New Amsterdam), Talia Robinson, and Sydney Winbush to the cast list. Brooks plays Monet Tejada’s cousin Janet Stewart while Ealy plays Detective Don Carter, a rising NYPD officer who was on track to become Police Commissioner until his wife was killed in a crossfire between rival drug gangs. Additionally, Eisenberg plays Detective Nico Calder, Luff plays Detective Felicia Lewis, Robinson plays Elle, the lead singer of a hip-hop group at Stansfield, and Winbush plays Anya Covington, Noma’s daughter who doesn’t know about her mother’s profession.

Here’s the full list of cast members for Power Book II: Ghost season four.

  • Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq St. Patrick
  • Giani Paolo as Brayden Weston
  • Woody McClain as Lorenzo “Cane” Tejada Jr.
  • LaToya Tonodeo as Diana Tejada
  • Lovell Adams-Gray as Dru Tejada
  • Method Man as Davis MacLean
  • Mary J. Blige as Monet Stewart Tejada
  • Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan
  • Alix Lapri as Effie Morales
  • Larenz Tate as Councilman Rashad Tate
  • Paton Ashbrook as Jenny Sullivan
  • Monique Curnen as NYPD Sargent Blanca Rodriguez
  • Keesha Sharp as Professor Harper Bonet
  • David Walton as Lucas Weston
  • Moriah Brown as Kiki Travis
  • Caroline Chikezie as Noma
  • Lightskin Keisha as BruShandria Carmichael
  • Bradley Gibson as Everett Neal
  • Kyle Vincent Terry as Obi
  • Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick
  • Michael Ealy as Detective Don Carter (new)
  • Golden Brooks as Janet Stewart (new)
  • Mattea Confroti as Elisa Marie Proctor (new)
  • Sydney Winbush as Anya Convington (new)
  • Aaron Dean Eisenberg as Detective Nico Calder (new)
  • Alison Luff as Detective Felicia Lewis (new)
  • Talia Robinson as Elle (new)


STARZ shared the official synopsis for Power Book II: Ghost season four along with news about the new season’s premiere date. You can view the synopsis below.

In light of Season Three’s explosive finale, it’s Tariq St. Patrick and Brayden Weston against the world. With new alliances formed in each faction, Tariq and Brayden must find a way back into the game — and a way to insulate themselves from ever being put in the same situation again. But when Brayden starts flirting with a new, reckless lifestyle, Tariq wonders if there really is room for two at the top.

Monet may have finally met her maker, but she has no idea who’s behind it. Davis, suspended and pending disbarment in the wake of his brother’s death, fully embraces the criminal side of his enterprise and finds himself working for both sides — his loyalty dependent on whichever will benefit him most. Faced with the reality that life can end in just a few ways, Effie buckles down on getting out and securing a legit future at Stanford.

After last season’s betrayal, Diana and Dru question their roles in the game and the family business, while Cane sees an opportunity to level up when he starts working for Noma. As Noma fights to establish her business in the States, she also tries to keep a close eye on her bratty daughter, Anya, who is now on Tariq and Brayden’s radar. With the fate of his future in the game and his family at the forefront, Tariq must reconcile his past to rise to the top of the food chain and become who he needs to be to protect those he loves most.


STARZ released an official teaser and trailer for Power Book II: Ghost season four. You can watch both below.

Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Part 1 & 2 Schedules

It remains to be seen how many episodes will be in Power Book II: Ghost season four, but until then, check out a tentative release schedule for the upcoming season:

Part 1:

  • June 7: Episode 1
  • June 14: Episode 2
  • June 21: Episode 3
  • June 28: Episode 4
  • July 5: Episode 5 (Part 1 finale if season 4 has 10 total episodes)
  • July 12: Episode 6
  • July 19: Episode 7
  • July 26: Episode 8
  • August 2: Episode 9
  • August 9: Episode 10

Part 2:

  • September 6: Episode 1
  • September 13: Episode 2
  • September 20: Episode 3
  • September 27: Episode 4
  • October 4: Episode 5 (series finale if season 4 has 10 total episodes)
  • October 11: Episode 6
  • October 18: Episode 7
  • October 25: Episode 8
  • November 1: Episode 9
  • November 8: Episode 10

How To Watch Power Book II: Ghost Season 4

New episodes in Power Book II: Ghost season 4 will be available weekly on the STARZ app on Fridays at 12am ET/PT. The new episodes will also air weekly on-air on the STARZ TV channel on Sundays at 8pm ET/PT.

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ season four, part one premieres on June 7. Part two debuts on September 6.