03.25.09 9 years ago 15 Comments

Notorious turdsmith Brett Ratner will direct a new FOX comedy starring Scott Caan called “Cop House,” a show that I feel desperately needs an exclamation point.  Cop House!  See?

On “House,” set at a halfway house for troubled cops, Paradigm-repped Caan will play a champion marksman who suffered a nervous breakdown after his wife left him for his sister.

Also cast in the pilot is Curtiss I’Cook as an intense cop prone to random, violent outbursts.

Hilarity ensues!

Who could have thought that Brett Ratner would pair two cops of different races together for side-splitting results?  And don’t forget the gratuitous lesbian subplot!  Ratner, you genius!  You’ve done it again!  Your finest masterpiece since Rush Hour 3!

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