01.26.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

My Internet is totally F’d right now, so the first post today is one of the few windows I had open last night: this gigantic “Lost” poster from AXN Brazil (via SL-Lost; for full size, click image, then right click and select “view image”). If I had to take a guess, I’d think that AXN Brazil is a TV channel in Brazil. I can tell you for sure if and when the Wikipedia page ever finishes loading.

But enough about my tech problems. There’s plenty to enjoy here in the poster — lots of Biblical angry-God kind of sh*t going down here. I’m no “Lost” expert, but I’m fluent enough to recognize Mr. Eko’s stand-off with Smokey and the time the ship got blowed up (and sent Jin back in time? It’s simple physics, people). There’s also a mushroom cloud, lightning, a shark, and a polar bear, and that stuff works in EVERY PICTURE EVER. All it’s missing is some guitar-playing laser wolves. Um, can we get some laser wolves? What do you mean, “it’s not in the show”? Just have the writers put them in Season 6. Say they came from space. The island, uh, opened up a wormhole or something.

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