John Goodman Was Almost 400 Pounds

06.17.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

Here’s part of John Goodman’s appearance on “The Late Show” last night, in which Goodman admits to David Letterman that he was “pushing 400.” I think he means 400 pounds, although you can also infer that he was pushing 400 crullers into his mouth every week. And I think he’d be okay with me making that joke, because he displays a pretty good sense of humor throughout the clip.

Goodman’s weight loss really is startling. He is an absolute behemoth of a man on the first season of “Treme,” and it’s good to see him looking healthier. He and my dad were born in the same year (1952), and my dad’s already had a heart attack without being anywhere near the blob of goo that Goodman used to be. It’s gotta be one of those things where a doctor said, “Uh, you’re going to DIE if you don’t lose weight.” And Goodman took the advice seriously because it’s summer and he’s a celebrity. Dear God, take Kirstie Alley if you must, but let us have John Goodman for a few more years.

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