ABC Wants To See If ‘The Daughter Of Magnum P.I.’ Is A Thing You’ll Watch

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Television is a complicated industry. One moment the public demands more true crime sagas and the next it’s STRANGER THINGS ALL THE TIME UNDER THE PENALTY OF DEATH. See? Complicated! Who could possibly understand what TV enthusiasts are going to fall for. Is a return to Magnum P.I. the next thing that sweeps us off our feet? ABC hopes so. You don’t want to let ABC down, now do you?

According to Deadline, such a small screen offering is coming our way. Think Magnum Jr., essentially. The would-be series is centered around Lily “Tommy” Magnum, the daughter of Tom Selleck’s private investigator and public hunk. She returns to Hawaii to take up the mantle of her dad’s PI firm and sexy sunny adventures are had. Does our new Magnum attempt to piece together “the mystery of the blown spy operation that ended her career in Navy Intelligence” while she’s holding down this gig? You better believe it, dude.

John Rogers (of Leverage co-creator fame) and Eva Longoria (of Eva Longoria fame) are shepherding the project which has reportedly nabbed a script commitment plus substantial penalty.

“We knew no one could replace the iconic role of Thomas Magnum, so John decided to make the reboot a sequel and continue the adventure of a Magnum — his daughter, who was established in the original series,” explained Longoria and her producing partner Ben Spector.

Who would you want in the lead role of Magnum? Please send your pitches, Powerpoint presentations and psychic visions to either ABC or our comment treehouse.

(Via Deadline)

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