‘Mr. Robot’ Is Closing Out Season 2 By Getting Weird As Hell


The two-part season two finale of Mr. Robot kicked off this week. The show was coming off its best episode of the season, one in which gears started cranking in a bunch of different directions, speeding up what had to at that point been a slow burn. A lot happened. The whole thing ended with one character getting abducted on the subway and another possibly dead or injured in a storm of bullets at a small New York restaurant. It left us with a number of unanswered questions, both small and large, and the hope that the final two hours could pull everything together to provide a resolution.

This brings us to last night’s episode, and lol, of course we’re not getting answers yet. Or if we are, we’re just getting ones that raise more questions. This is Mr. Robot, dummy. You should know what you’re dealing with at this point. That’s not to say the episode was bad. Not at all. I think I loved it, actually. It was just… it was really nuts. Sometimes I think the only reason I recap it is so I can confirm everything really happened and I’m not the one having vivid hallucinations about anarchy and Christian Slater, you know?

Let’s try to sort through all of this together. Here are some questions I have heading into the conclusion of the season.

What the hell?

I mean, right? Even for a show with a long track record of letting things just get weird as hell and then rolling with, this episode was strange. You probably watched that trippy episode with the ’90s sitcom opening and thought, “Well, this is the weirdest thing I’ll see this year, for sure.” But then last night a child in professional attire walked into a room containing a fish tank and a Commodore 64 and a “Hang In There” kitty poster and proceeded to interrogate a recently kidnapped woman about whether she is a giraffe or a seagull. Am I saying that was definitively weirder than a character having a TGIF-influenced psychotic break in which Alf killed a guy? Nope. But I am saying it’s a worthy challenger. That’s really saying something.

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