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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an absolute travesty of television: a vile trail mix combining ads for Broadway shows, floating corporate mascots, high school marching bands, and the worst banter imaginable between members of “The Today Show.” So it shouldn’t exactly be a surprise that NBC forced Macy’s to cancel their plans to have the cast of Fox’s hit show “Glee” perform during the parade. TMZ says:

The network that can’t produce a hit to save its life — at least this year — has banned the cast of “Glee” from appearing at the Parade that airs on NBC.

Sources tell us Macy’s invited the “Glee” cast — the deal was all but signed — but when rival NBC found out, they told the department store to pull the plug.

This story couldn’t possibly affect me less, so here’s something more interesting: I just found out that I’ve seen “Glee” star Lea Michele’s boobs before. I got dragged to a preview showing of “Spring Awakening” on Broadway a couple years back, and at the end of the first act there was a love scene in which the lead actress went fully topless. Lemme tell you, boobs really spice up a musical. Anyway, I guess when “Spring Awakening” became a big hit, they pulled the nudity so good Christians making their way to New York wouldn’t get offended, making those boobs a special limited-time-only deal.

Anyway, I didn’t realize they were Lea Michele’s boobs until I stumbled across this review. “Glee” doesn’t really do them justice — the producers really need to let those babies breathe. Thus completes my surprising, controversial stance that I call, “MORE BOOBS PLEASE.”

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