Nick Offerman Keeps His Big, Fluffy Beard Because It’s ‘As Mother Nature Intended’

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Former Late Show host David Letterman isn’t the only distinguished gentleman with a beard these days. In fact, long before Dave’s luscious facial locks graced us with their presence, Parks and Recreation alum Nick Offerman was already brandishing his fantastic soup strainer throughout his post-NBC career. (Even his Fargo chops count.) So of course current Late Show host Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but ask Offerman about his coveted love curls and why he so often kept them intact and unmolested by man’s modern shaving wares.

“For a lot of men, growing a beard is a decision. You’ve got to put some effort into it and you’ve got to be patient,” said Colbert, whose own #Colbeard captivated his fans ahead of his Late Show debut in 2015. “Is not having a beard a decision for you? Because your beard is such a part of your face these days. You’re so associated with that thing.”

“I hate shaving, is the short of it,” Offerman quipped without hesitation. “I like to present myself as mother nature intended.”

Of course, this is Offerman and Colbert we’re talking about, so an otherwise mature conversation about beards and shaving preferences quickly devolved into a series of innuendos, smiles and giggles. Why? Because Colbert couldn’t resist a joke about shaving everywhere else, and prompted by Offerman’s euphemistic “mother nature” gag, the comedian had to remind him he couldn’t “do that on CBS, I’m afraid.”

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