Shonda Rimes Is an Idiot

05.21.10 7 years ago 23 Comments

“Grey’s Anatomy” had its season finale last night, and I have no idea what happened because (a) the last 48 hours have been a blur of booze, humidity, gambling, and creole sauce, and (b) I wouldn’t watch the show if I were on fire and the episode was an instructional video on how to stop being on fire. But series creator Shonda Rimes opened up her stupid yaphole about it:

It hurt to write this finale. It literally hurt me.

Bitch, it did not LITERALLY hurt you. It metaphorically hurt you. Christ, that’s irritating. Shonda Rimes has the verbal dexterity of a 23-year-old former sorority girl working in PR.

Dear readers, please take note: “literally” means “actually” or “without exaggeration.” It gets abused and used by idiots who think it means the opposite. If you hear someone misuse the word, correct them. Or slap them. Or if it’s Shonda Rimes, push her into freeway traffic.

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