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Remember Poochinski? I think we were all momentarily shaken when we first saw a clip from a show about failed TV pilots that featured the abomination known as “Poochinski.” In case you missed it the first time, Poochinski is a smart-ass veteran cop played by Peter Boyle who gets run down in the street and then reincarnated as his pet bulldog (played a creepy Teddy Ruxpin-esque animatronic puppet).

Anyway, the entire pilot is now on YouTube (first segment above, next two below). It starts out merely pretty bad, with Boyle occasionally dropping a good line like “You get to meet a lotta great broads when you work vice.” But around the 6:15 mark, when Boyle gets killed, it turns into something so beautifully atrocious it has to be seen to be believed. That screencap? That’s Poochinski getting off to the station’s dispatcher. Ha ha, it’s funny because they’re two different species.

Also, via commenter wehavehair comes this fun fact from the Turner & Hooch Wikipedia page: NBC did a television pilot based on the film in 1990. It aired in the summer with another dog pilot, “Poochinski” under the banner, “Two Dog Night”. Oh man, if I know Jeff Zucker, this can only mean one thing: REMAKE.

(thanks to Ed, the best tipster ever)

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