10 Questions We Need Answered After This Week’s Surprisingly Romantic ‘The Walking Dead’

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After last week’s phenomenal, fast-paced and bloody The Walking Dead, this week’s episode, “The Next World,” necessarily took a breather from death. The focus of this episode was on family, and the formation of new families within Alexandria. With a brief time jump of a few weeks, the Grimes’ family officially added a new member in Michonne, who is filling the hole Lori left behind, and Enid is getting parental figures in Maggie and Glenn. Meanwhile Spencer was a reminder of what becomes of those families in the world of The Walking Dead. He had to put down his zombified mother, but he did get some closure and will be able to move on and hopefully be able to call Alexandria his home.

It was a more lightweight and unusually upbeat episode of The Walking Dead with a surprise twist that prompted Twitter to lose its damn mind. Here are ten questions we have going forward.

1. Did the Rick and Michonne romance work?



That’s going to be one of the bigger questions coming out of the episode, with audiences split about 80/20. Eighty percent of viewers will say it was inevitable: Michonne is the closest person to Carl on the show; she’s been mothering Judith for three seasons; and she’s basically Rick’s closest confidante (and the only person who could’ve gotten away with knocking him out when he was raving at the Alexandrians last season). They’re practically family, plus Rick and Michonne have a history of being flirty, and there’s clearly great chemistry between the two. The two should’ve been together ages ago!

The naysaying 20 percent will say it came out of nowhere, that it was shameless fan service, and that their relationship will ruin the show. All legitimate points, but with due respect, these people are wrong.

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