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Wipeout (ABC) — Tonight begins Season 2 of America’s attempt at Japanese TV.  Eh, we’ve got a long way to go before we get to the Dole Banana Man or the unfettered awesomeness of elite bunny warriors.

The Goode Family (ABC) — From the creator of “King of the Hill” comes something  incredibly similar to “King of the Hill,” except with a super-liberal Vermont family instead of the Hills.  Watch the trailer here; I certainly wouldn’t recommend watching more than that.

Tattoo Highway (A&E) — Putting reality shows on a bus is EXXXTREEEEME!!!!  Tonight is the series premiere.  And no, they don’t do the tattoos while the bus is in motion.  Unfortunately.

The Cougar (TV Land) — Stacey takes the “cubs” to Las Vegas — Ground Zero of MILFs having sex with young dudes.

Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (TBS) — Season 2 premiere.  You lost me at “Tyler Perry.”

George Strait: ACM Artist of the Decade All-Star Concert (CBS) — You lost me at George Strait.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox) — So the word from commenters and other bloggers is that this is much better than “American Idol.”  Hmmmm… interesting.  **strokes chin, still doesn’t watch**

NBA Playoffs (TNT) — Western Conference Finals Game 5: Nuggets at Lakers.  Well, hell.  If the Cavaliers are gonna lose to the Magic, I might as well start cheering for Denver.  It would be a lot easier if “nugget” weren’t kind of a gross word.

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