The Adolf Hitler ‘One Testicle’ Myth Is Back With A Führer (And A Verdict)

Adolf Hitler
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Well, it looks like the old urban legend of Adolf Hitler‘s lonely testicle wasn’t a legend at all. Many silly variants of the “Hitler’s Only Got One Ball” song still circulate to much fanfare. It’s a naughty little ditty and one fit to humiliate the Nazi leader who wrought death and sadness upon so many.

A German historian has stepped up with some recently uncovered evidence that proves Hitler’s testicle struggle was real. According to The Mirror, some revealing notes from a 1923 prison checkup say Hitler suffered from “right-side cryptorchidism” (an undescended testicle). There’s no word on whether Hitler’s love of goose stepping was a way to compensate for his, uh, lacking biology. Professor Peter Fleischmann adds that the sad testicle was “probably stunted.” Here are a few more details from the New York Daily News, which clears up how the “new” notes were found:

An autopsy carried out on Hitler’s corpse also found that one testicle was completely missing — but it was recorded that the left testicle was absent.

The records of the examination were believed lost, but were discovered at an auction in 2010 and have only now been properly studied.

The song “Hitler has only got one ball” is believed to have been written by the British Council as they created anti-Nazi propaganda.

Yep, that sounds like a final verdict. If you feel uncomfortable laughing at Hitler’s manhood, there are other outlets available. For example, there’s still a dog and many cats that look like Hitler. Baby Hitler still rides as well (but not if Jeb Bush has his way), so have at it.

(Via The Mirror and New York Daily News)