Bernie Sanders Scores A Surprise Victory While Donald Trump Racks Up Another In Indiana

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Last week’s round of primaries ended in further victory for both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who will — let’s face it — most likely take the respective Republican and Democratic nominations. Bernie Sanders vows a contested convention, but he needs to pull off large victories in every remaining state to make this tactic feasible. After this election night, only nine states remain for each party, so how did the candidates fare on this crucial night?

Shortly after the final polls closed, CNN projected the Republican winner as Trump (54%) with Ted Cruz (33%) and John Kasich (9%) picking up the rear. Cruz didn’t reflect too long before delivering his concession speech. He thanked his family and devoted supporters while expressing gratitude to Carly Fiorina for her few moments of service. So, Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee, and there’s no telling how or why John Kasich is still in the game. After Cruz’s speech, Trump took a New York City mic to call his former rival “one tough competitor.”

The Democrats ran a closer race, but Sanders (53%) pulled off a surprise victory over Clinton (49%). The Bern is still in the game, folks. He delivered a rousing speech (at a Kentucky Rally) before a projection was made.

(Via CNN)