Mark Cuban Offers Free Tips To Hillary Clinton On How To Beat Donald Trump

Dallas Mavericks owner and alternate universe president Mark Cuban is offering Hillary Clinton some free advice on how to topple GOP White House hopeful Donald Trump. Welcome to 2016, where what once sounded like a lost episode of Celebrity Deathmatch has morphed into the daily discourse.

Cuban got a good number of pops in on fellow billionaire Trump during an RNC week appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, and now he’s providing the presumptive Democratic nominee with his strategy on how to dispatch the New York business titan. It’s a game plan (complete with criticism of Clinton’s current campaign) that’s been placed on Twitter for the world to see. In the Shark Tank star’s eyes, the way Clinton’s being presented is “straight out of 1995” and in need of an update that presents the former First Lady as a “real person” to Trump supporters. No easy task considering that her name had a tendency to spark angry “lock her up” chants during the RNC.

As you may have gathered from Cuban playing volunteer campaign consultant, he was not particularly enthused by Trump’s RNC speech on Thursday.

Cuban did enjoy the post-speech classic rock anthem chosen by The Donald’s camp, albeit for a different reason than Trump likely intended.

Considering that both Trump and Cuban have WWE experience, maybe they can sort out their differences at SummerSlam next month? Otherwise, we’ll see how things pan out at the ballot box.

(via FTW)