The Russians Are Seriously Afraid Of ‘Pokemon Go’

While Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm with players trying their very best to “catch ’em all“, some Russian would be trainers are stuck on level zero of the most popular smartphone game of all time because the Kremlin doesn’t want them to play even dealing out prison sentences to players. Of course they’re trying to jump on the Pokemon Go trend by releasing a game where you catch Stalins instead of Squirtles, but now Russian government officials are speaking out more about why they’re banning the game and it sounds like a plot straight out of a James Bond film or a reboot of Rocky IV.

Franz Klintsevich a high ranking security official told Russian state news outlet TASS some frighting ‘intel’ about Pokemon Go stating, “There is a feeling that the devil came through this mechanism and is simply trying to destroy us spiritually from within.” He also believes that the game is a tool to manipulate the minds of young people which could “lead to a revolution.” Here in the U.S., the Westboro Baptist Church which pretty much thinks everything and everyone is tied to the devil ironically supports playing the game. Denis Voronenkov, who is the leader of the Communist party said that the CIA is behind Pokemon Go and that San Francisco based Niantic developed the game directly with the government agency so they can spy on Russian citizens. A former Soviet general is also backing this theory.

Despite the game’s ban, on Tuesday a student from St. Petersberg allegedly caught 147 Pokemon. No word if the student was thrown in prison.

(Via The Washington Times)