Adidas Will Debut New ‘Futurenatural’ Technology In The Harden 5s

While the sports calendar has been wonky in 2020, sneaker releases have kept up, with everyone from Damian Lillard to Derrick Rose either releasing or announcing new concepts just in the past few weeks. The shoe companies haven’t slowed down either, and the latest and greatest innovation from adidas is its Futurenatural technology, which the company announced Thursday and hopes will “mirror an athlete’s speed and quick change of direction.”

Futurenatural will combine the midsole technology of Boosts with the light cushioning of Lightstrike with the goal of making adidas sneakers comfortable and responsive to acceleration and change of direction.

More specifically, adidas developed the Futurenatural concept by looking over foot scans of thousands of hoopers worldwide to develop a mold that more “closely represents the shape of the actual human foot.” The bottom of the shoe uses an “athlete data-informed traction pattern” to give better grip on the court for sudden cuts and movements.

As a hat tip to the biggest adidas athlete whose game mirrors these concepts on the court, James Harden will be the first NBA player to have the Futurenatural technology in his sneakers.

The Harden Vol. 5 will be the first sneaker to have Futurenatural integrated into it, adidas announced in a press release. The Harden 5 will go on sale in “early 2021.”