The Air Jordan XXXI Is Finally Here, And It’s Going Back To Basics

Nike has revealed the 31st edition of the most famous sneakers in the world. New Air Jordans are here!

The model has been framed as a “back to basics” approach from Nike, bringing new life to their retro looks with a leather-based shoe that evokes equal parts ’80s and ’90s. With Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and Kyrie Irving putting out Nikes that dominate the scene in terms of progressive stylings, shifting the Jordan brand back to a more nostalgic place is probably the right move, demographically, for the titan of athletic footwear.

Nike, of course, has already had a very good summer NBA-wise. Durant signing with the Golden State Warriors has been a coup for them, as they were known to be displeased with the ascension of Steph Curry. The back-to-back MVP has helped Under Armour take a sizable bite out of Nike’s market share with his awards and Finals appearances, as well as that league-changing style of play to boot.

With Durant in town, benefitting from the same forward-thinking systemic basketball largesse that Curry has, Curry won’t enjoy nearly the same hold on the NBA’s iconographic duties. Settled in their grip on the NBA’s present, for now, Nike has decided to re-steal their hold on the past with these new Jordans.