(Almost) Daily Fantasy – 1/26/09

01.26.09 10 years ago 18 Comments

You’re probably facing some tough lineup decisions going into tonight’s weekly deadline. The Doc is here to help.

Marcus Camby – Camby is the biggest question going into the week. The Clippers play 4 games and that means MONSTER numbers from Marcus if he plays. He’s questionable for tonight and it’s a late game so we might not know if he’ll play before the deadline. We’ll update you as much as we can throughout the day on Camby. Obviously, this big time affects DeAndre Jordan. Right now, I think starting Camby is pretty risky, but 2 games of Camby beats out most second centers.

Elton Brand – With four games this week, I’m going to go ahead and say give Brand the start. Keep in mind that he’ll be eased back but his minutes should be up around 25 to 30 by the end of the week. You won’t see vintage Brand, but the stats should be good enough for the start.

Shawn Marion – The Matrix is a huge question mark. He’s hurting (as is his pride) and is not only questionable, but also is in every trade rumor from Sacramento to Dallas. I think you have to keep him on the bench this week.

Monta Ellis – Monta should also get the start. Don’t worry about the low minutes last night. The game was over and the Warriors and Don Nelson actually did the right thing holding back.

Yao, Ron Artest, and T-Mac – Am I really going to say that all three should be in your starting lineup? I think so. Yao is expected to return though is listed as questionable and both T-Mac and Artest played well and are saying the right things. I’d be somewhat shocked if all three make every game but I also can’t tell you which is most likely to miss one (Yao?).

Dallas – Only the Dallas Mavericks play just two games this week. Jason Kidd and Dirk are still automatic starts but no one, including Josh Howard, is a definite after that.

Andrei Kirilenko – AK47 should be benched as he tries to fight an ankle injury. Heads up – he’s debating surgery and is seeing specialists today. With a quick recovery time post surgery (one month), we wouldn’t be shocked if he went that route.

David West – David West is definitely out tonight but is listed as questionable the rest of the week. Tough call. I would bench him. Tyson Chandler is definitely out for the week.

Baron Davis –
Baron is not expected to play tonight (though he’s said that before and has played) but could play on Wednesday. The Clip’s play 4 games this week but again I would play it safe and bench Baron.

Zach Randolph –
He’s picked it up in practice and could rejoin the team this week but we think he’s also too risky to start.

Ramon Sessions –
In case everyone in your league missed it, Michael Redd is out for the year and Ramon Sessions should be picked up. I’m not a Charlie Bell fantasy fan (though I do like Bell’s game ironically) and think that Sessions will have real value.

Joakim Noah –
Man is he making this hard. If you need a spot center, at this point you go for it. The Bulls seem to be trying to let the kid play right now. If he brings it every night he’ll give real numbers. Last night he had 14 points, 10 boards, and 7 blocks. 7 blocks makes him worth owning alone.

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