Amar’e Stoudemire Retaliated A Hard Foul By Absolutely Clobbering One Of His Opponents In Israel

Since signing a two-year deal with Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli Basketball Premier League back in August, Amar’e Stoudemire has been a superstar in his homeland. As he told Jeremy Schaap in an ESPN interview about his change of scenery, the six-time NBA All-Star and avid art enthusiast is constantly mobbed by fans in the streets of Jerusalem (and even at practices), because he obviously stands out.

It’s really no different on the court either, as you can see by simply watching his highlights, and even if he wasn’t the MVP of Hapoel Jerusalem’s BSL championship win in October, he’s still bigger, stronger, and better than most of his opponents. He reminded one poor soul of that on Saturday.

Hapoel Jerusalem defeated Maccabi Rishon LeZion 79-59, and Stoudemire wasn’t much of a force in that game, scoring only six points and grabbing six rebounds. He did, however, provide the biggest highlight of the game, as he mercilessly trucked one of his opponents.

This was retaliation for a previous play, during which the nameless opponent fouled Stoudemire on an easy basket. Let’s see if the punishment fits the crime.

LOL. Come on, man.

Is Stoudemire being picked on by opponents? Perhaps. He has certainly had his problems with the BSL’s referees, but of course he handled one issue with humor instead of his momentum and powerful forearm. We’ll keep an ear out for word of a Stoudemire suspension, as well as the status of the poor dude who was knocked so hard that it left a cloud of dust in the shape of his body behind.