Andray Blatche Is Celebrating The End of the Season

04.10.09 10 years ago 7 Comments

Andray Blatche is totally justified in throwing an “end of season” party before the season actually ends. It doesn’t even matter to me that he’s throwing this party on April 12th, the night before the Wiz play the Raptors. If you’d been on this Wizards team for the entire season, hell you should be allowed to drink before the last two games.

But Blatche isn’t the only dude on the flyer. Even if it’s just his photo, it does say that “Andray Blatche & the Washington Wizards” will be there. Thus, at least 40% of Gilbert Arenas‘ season (if he decides to play) will be alongside a bunch of hungover teammates.

This isn’t the only good news going around Washington right now. It turns out that they’re also going to retire the gold and black Wiz jerseys.

“I like anything that’s not turquoise or blue or whatever color that is,” Gilbert Arenas told Ivan Carter. “I want to go back to the red, white and blue colors. We’re Washington, D.C. The flag. America’s colors. That’s what we should be.”

Sources: Truth About it and DC Sports Bog

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