Anthony Davis Effortlessly Finished This Alley-Oop After Catching A Pass With One Hand

Associate Editor

Here is your periodic reminder than Anthony Davis is absurd. New Orleans is in Atlanta on Tuesday night and spent the first quarter taking it to the Hawks. The team boasted a 34-14 lead at the end of the frame, with the biggest highlight coming when Davis converted this alley-oop from Jrue Holiday.

Davis and Holiday ran a pick and roll. Holiday got into the paint, while Davis shot towards the rim. After realizing that Davis was in position to dunk, Holiday lofted the ball towards his big man. Davis decided that the best course of action was to snag the ball out of the air with one hand like it was nothing and throw down a thunderous jam. Here it is from another angle.

It’s amazing how nonchalant Davis during this dunk. It looked like it was the easiest thing on earth, which is super impressive, because there aren’t many people who can look this smooth while producing a highlight reel-caliber dunk.

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