Anthony Davis Shot A Dude In A Steph Curry Jersey During ‘Grand Theft Auto Roleplay’

The recent struggles of the Los Angeles Lakers have meant that a showdown with the Golden State Warriors could come in the play-in tournament. Los Angeles is currently slotted into the 6-seed by a half-game over the Portland Trail Blazers, while Golden State is a half-game back of the Memphis Grizzlies for the 8-seed.

This means that LeBron James and the Warriors could, theoretically, reignite the rivalry that defined the latter part of the last decade during a new, gimmicky addition to the postseason that players on both teams don’t seem particularly stoked about. But as an added bonus, this matchup would give Steph Curry the opportunity to get a little revenge against Anthony Davis for something that occurred while the latter was streaming himself playing Grand Theft Auto Roleplay.

Davis was mid-mission and was faced with having to take out someone who was dressed in a Curry jersey. Before going on to do other things, Davis shot the dude.

It is probably something not worth reading too far into — Davis tweeted earlier this year that he’s amazed by Curry while the Warriors’ star was putting on a show in the All-Star Game. But as a general rule of thumb, Davis should learn not to do things that he could end up regretting, especially when the possibility exists that someone prominently involved in said thing could knock your team out of the play-in tournament.