Anthony Davis Wore A ‘That’s All Folks!’ Shirt To The Pelicans Season Finale


You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks Anthony Davis will suit up for the New Orleans Pelicans next season. Despite sticking around at the NBA trade deadline following a public request for a move, Davis is expected to have a long line of suitors, which you’d presume means the Pelicans will have a handful of pretty solid offers from which to choose.

But before we get to that point, this season has to end. That’ll happen on Tuesday night in New Orleans when the Pelicans close out their year against the Golden State Warriors. It’s up in the air if he will play — he’s listed as probable — but Davis still made an apparent fashion statement.

The team’s social media staff put a video of Davis arriving at the arena. It’s your run of the mill “here’s a behind the scenes look” video, except for the fact that his shirt features Porky Pig’s famous Looney Tunes sign off.

It’s awfully hard to look at this as anything other than a parting message to New Orleans before an offseason that is expected to include a trade, but I do suppose it’s possible that this is his message to LeBron James that he’d like to be the first star to come alongside him in Space Jam 2.