Anthony Edwards Got So Hot Against The Rockets That He Advised Their Coaches To Call A Timeout

Anthony Edwards is fun. He tries to dunk all over opposing teams (and often succeeds) and is a highlight waiting to happen. He’s also a fun quote, talking about everything from his love of Irish accents to why he wasn’t able to buy lions as pets.

Edwards kicked off his second year in the league on a high note on Thursday night, scoring 29 points in the Timberwolves’ season-opening 124-106 win over the Rockets. At one point in the first half, he hit back-to-back three-pointers as part of him making six on the night.

After hitting those back-to-back buckets, it looked like Edwards was signaling for a timeout. While he was, he stressed after the game that he did not want Minnesota’s coaches to call one. Instead, he was giving a piece of advice to the coaches on Houston’s bench.

“Yeah I was tellin’ the coach to call a damn timeout,” Edwards said, per NBA reporter Dane Moore. “You need a timeout. I’m hot.”

The three-pointers showcase so much of what makes Edwards such a fun player. The first he hit was over Rockets center Christian Wood, scoring in isolation after creating space to get the shot off with his dribble. Then, after a steal, he hit a three-pointer in transition to put Minnesota up, 72-43.

Edwards, when he’s scoring like this, is fun and one of the best reasons to watch the Wolves. And no matter what, he will always put on a show.