Former Player Antonio Davis Thinks LeBron Is A ‘B***h’ For Complaining About Not Getting Calls

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Even though LeBron James took control (with Kyrie Irving’s help) to lead the Cavs to a win in Game 5, he’s still hearing about the altercation with Draymond Green that precipitated the latter’s suspension. LeBron reacted strongly to Draymond calling him a b*tch, Draymond responded with a slap to the junk, and the world of hot sports takes was called into action. Klay Thompson, Klay Thompson’s dad and Steph Curry’s wife all threw their hats in the ring. Now, we have a new source of continuing ephemera, from a much more familiar place: ESPN Radio!

Antonio Davis hopped on the Russillo & Kanell Show to talk about the NBA Finals before Game 5, so of course the trash talk heard ’round the world was going to come up. Davis, as one might expect from a ’90s player with a reputation as an enforcer, sided with Green:

I think with LeBron, there’s no fear there. Guys don’t fear what this guy will do to him. And when I’m watching him, I want to call him [a b*tch] sometimes. Like, dude, go dominate the game. Talking about, “Well, they’re not calling fouls for me, I only have 17 fouls.” No, you don’t have a charge. You ain’t running nobody over. You got all them muscles and you’re patting your biceps, go run somebody over. Force them to call fouls on you, and if not, you’re a beeeeeee-e-e-e-e. [Pretty sure he means b*tch]

If you take into account where Davis is coming from, you can see his point, but LeBron pissing off Draymond enough to get him suspended for a game is a pretty decent response, and he’s allowed to take offense at being called a b*tch. And of course, he then responded in Game 5 with 41 points and 16 rebounds, so we’d say he answered the call quite well.

(Via r/NBA)