Ayesha Curry Subtweets LeBron’s ‘High Road’ Comments About Klay Thompson

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Things are really getting interesting between the Cavs and Warriors heading into Game 5. First, on Sunday news broke that Draymond Green was going to be suspended for hitting LeBron James in Game 4. That was upgraded to a Flagrant Foul 1, pushing him into a mandatory suspension following his earlier flagrant on Steven Adams. Then, Klay Thompson commented on the incident saying the NBA was a “man’s league” and that he guessed LeBron “got his feelings hurt.”

Thompson’s comment got a response from King James, where he said it was “so hard to take the high road” but stopped short of saying anything controversial. The look on James’ face said it all, though.

With the trash talk heating up between players, Ayesha Curry, wife of back-to-back MVP Steph Curry, decided to chime in with her two cents on social media as well, clearly subtweeting LeBron and spinning his use of the term “high road” to call him out for stepping over Green.

Unsurprisingly, her tweet blew up, but Curry didn’t back down from people criticizing her in her mentions.

She followed that up with a tweet explaining that just like the rest of us, she’s a die-hard fan that will stick up for her favorite team no matter what, although she may be just a little bit biased.

The Cavs already had all of the motivation they needed heading into Game 5 with their season on the line, but one would think having some bulletin board material from the Warriors’ best player’s wife can’t hurt either.