‘This Sh*t Won’t Be Forgotten’: Did Arron Afflalo Passive-Aggressively Post About The Knicks On Instagram?


Arron Afflalo has mastered the passive-aggressive ellipses.

Within five years, all major publications will have subtweeting analysts, whose entire professional purpose will be to interpret tweets and Instagram posts — like the above one from Arron Afflalo — for the rest of us who aren’t fluent in subtweet.

We can take our educated guesses on what Afflalo was talking about when he posted a selfie with quite the telling caption Wednesday. Or was it not telling? Because we still don’t know exactly what he’s talking about.

Here’s what Afflalo wrote below the photo:

Two years of just control what you can control right ? …. While making years of growth appear as if it has just stopped … Yeah ok …. 10th year coming up and this time around this sh*t won’t be forgotten …. #godfirst #anythingformydaughter #basketballtaughtmelife #ilovemyfamily #unimaginablegivebackcomingtomycity

Knicks coach Kurt Rambis moved Afflalo to the bench in mid-March after he had been the team’s starting shooting guard all season. Afflalo didn’t take kindly to it and said that Rambis never even had a conversation with him about the switch, though Rambis claimed otherwise.

“Two years of control” is a clear reference to the two-year, $16 million contract Afflalo signed with the Knicks this past summer. But the second year of that deal is a player option. If the Compton, California, native chooses to, he can become a free agent again this offseason. It certainly seems like things are heading in that direction.

The hashtags are where it gets odd. From the outside, it seems as if Afflalo is just venting about his position with the Knicks, but maybe there’s more to this. #anythingformydaughter seems oddly placed. So does #ilovelmyfamily.

Reporters asked Afflalo about his post Wednesday. Here’s what he had to say, via the New York Post‘s Marc Berman:

“It didn’t mean much, to be honest. Just a statement to myself. That’s about it. I plan on growing next year.

“Frustration ain’t the word,’’ Afflalo added. “It is what it is. People can have their opinion of what they feel you bring to a team. That’s their opinion. My opinion may be different. For now it’s about the team, being professional and doing your job.”

But there’s more than just job stuff going on here. There are mentions of family and giving back to his city, presumably Compton, only weeks before his season ends and only months before he has the right to hit the open market for a second consecutive summer. Something else is up here. Now, we just need one of those subtweet experts, and we’ll be good to go.

(Via NY Post)