Arron Afflalo Threw A Wild Haymaker At Nemanja Bjelica, Who Put Him In A Headlock


Only one week has passed since the last time that real, live punches were thrown in the middle of an NBA game but, on Tuesday evening, the clock between such incidents reset with haste. The previous installment came from two veterans in Serge Ibaka and James Johnson, with Tuesday’s edition emanating from a confrontation between Orlando Magic guard Arron Afflalo and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Nemanja Bjelica.

In a hurry, pushing and shoving escalated into a full-fledged haymaker from Afflalo. Bjelica (mercifully) diffused the situation by placing the veteran guard in a headlock while other parties joined the fray.

It isn’t every day that you see punches of any kind in this light but, here, Afflalo really decides to attempt a roundhouse. Thankfully for Bjelica, it doesn’t cleanly connect in what would have been a really rough blow.

Both players were ejected for the incident and it would certainly be interesting to find out what exactly was the impetus for this particular showdown on the floor. A suspension will almost certainly be on the way for Afflalo given the gravity of what could have transpired with perfect contact and, if nothing else, this was an eye-opening spot for both players and teams.