No One Had A Better Celebration For The Hawks Going To Overtime Than The Coach’s Son

There was reasons for joy and sadness in Atlanta on Sunday night. With the Hawks trailing the Spurs by three in the waning moments, Tim Hardaway drained a game-tying 3-pointer to send the game to overtime. The crowd went crazy. Fans rejoiced. It was an early-season moment to savor for the middling Hawks.

Then, tragedy struck, as cameras captured a small boy freaking out after a poisonous spider landed on his arm.

The boy, who is the son of Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer, clearly tries to wipe the spider away, but it’s too late. The spider has already inflicted the boy with a dangerous bite and no one is paying attention because of the Hardaway shot. The pain is searing through the boy’s arm, but no one can hear him scream because of the timing of shot and raucous nature of the crowd.

Not only has he invented a new celebration that’s sweeping the nation faster than the dab ever did, he now also might be able to shoot webs from his hands. It’s odd the announcers don’t mention it or offer any update on the health of the boy after the game.

The Hawks won in overtime, 114-112.

(SportsCenter on Vine)