Austin Rivers Thinks The Warriors Look ‘Very Solid’ And He’s Not Happy: ‘I’m Tired Of That F*cking Team’

The Golden State Warriors look like they might be the NBA’s team to beat this season. After spending each of the last two years riddled by injuries and trying to reset things following Kevin Durant’s departure on the heels of five NBA finals appearances in a row, the Dubs are 25-6, the second-best record in the league.

Perhaps the most concerning thing for the rest of the league — beyond Steph Curry looking like an MVP frontrunner and the fact that Klay Thompson’s return from two consecutive season-ending injuries looms large — is that Golden State looks like it’s playing the kind of cohesive basketball on both ends of the floor that was the hallmark of their run atop the league. It’s been fun to watch … well, unless you’re Austin Rivers of the Denver Nuggets, then it stinks to high heaven.

Rivers hopped onto Instagram Live earlier this week and gave his thoughts on the Dubs. In classic Austin Rivers fashion, he gave a take that was both extremely honest and also very funny.

“Golden State definitely looks very solid right now, and I hate to see it,” Rivers said. “I don’t like it one bit. I’m tired of that f*cking team.”

This does seem to suggest that playing against the Golden State Warriors stinks, which, yeah it certainly seems that way.