Ball Don’t Lie! Here Are 8 ‘Sheedtastic’ Rasheed Wallace Moments For His 40th Birthday

On this day 40 years ago, the greatest entertainer the basketball world has ever known was born. I’m of course speaking of Rasheed Wallace, whose “ball don’t lie” mantra brought more joy to me than any woman in college ever could.

Here are some of Sheed’s best moments, both as a player and coach.

8. That time he flipped out after Andre Drummond posterized someone

7. Coach Sheed!


6.When he got ejected for screaming “Ball Don’t Lie”


5. The insane half-court buzzer beater


4. FAT SHEED! </strong




2. That time he got ejected for staring at Ron Garretson


1. His performance in this Jingle Bells video