Baron Davis’ Incredible Spoof Of Steve Nash In “The Comeback”

If you haven’t already, you really need to watch episode 1 of Steve Nash‘s amazing behind-the-scenes look at his rehab on the precipice of retirement at 40 years of age in “The Finish Line.” You’ll get a little choked up if you love Nash as much as we do, and the access he gave Bill Simmons and Grantland for the personal look is astounding. But that’s what makes friend Baron Davis and his own imitation clip, “The Comeback,” so hysterical.

Baron ain’t coming back, but it’s fun to imagine the two-time All-Star actually petitioning to get back in the league when he so clearly enjoys post-NBA life. While Nash’s drive to return to his star level on the court is commendable, plus anyone that watched the first episode of “The Finish Line” is rooting for him, he’s also not above poking a little fun at himself by appearing in Baron’s parody.

Steve Nash is the best, and we think he’s got a career away from the court — when he’s ready — making more wacky videos with his buddy Baron.

(video via gssports22)

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