Beasley leads Wolves in blowout win over Kobe-less Lakers

10.05.10 8 years ago 32 Comments

Considering everybody on the roster is, like, 17 years old and has next to no experience as the go-to guy on a pro team, it’s easy to be confused as to who is The Man for the Minnesota Timberwolves. But whether you thought it was Mike Beasley or Kevin Love or Jonny Flynn (or that they should just bring back Latrell Sprewell and call it a day), nobody was looking out for Martell Webster. Coming off the bench in yesterday’s exhibition blowout of the L.A. Lakers in London, Martell dropped 24 points (8-13 FG) and looked like he was just casually shooting J’s in the driveway. Ron Artest was assigned to shadow Webster eventually, but L.A.’s defense nonetheless gave up a lot of open looks … Kobe Bryant barely played. Still nursing his surgically-repaired knee (he says it’s about 60 percent), Kobe went scoreless in just 6 minutes, and probably wouldn’t have played at all if the game wasn’t being held in an overseas market that was dying to see superstars. In the second half the crowd was chanting “Ko-Be! Ko-Be!” but you would have seen Cedric Ceballos on the court in a Lakers uni before you would’ve seen Kobe back out there … Beasley scored 21 for the Wolves, while Lamar Odom led L.A. with 17 points and 3 steals. Shannon Brown had 13 points off the bench, including his first official posterization of the year when he banged a baseline dunk over Nikola Pekovic … Question brought up in the Dime office: Would you be surprised if Beasley has a better season (stat-wise) than Chris Bosh? … Tyrus Thomas is Beasley-like in that he is his own biggest obstacle to becoming a legit star in the League. But Tyrus definitely has some big-brother type tough love going in Charlotte. Speaking about Tyrus to the Charlotte Observer, Stephen Jackson said he needs to “keep his head in the game,” while Gerald Wallace said his teammate is “still a little immature.” And we’re guessing Larry Brown isn’t the guy whose shoulder you go cry on if the big kids are being mean. So either Tyrus responds and starts to put all of his tools together this season, or he’s going to turn into a tatted-out Rudy Fernandez and start crying like Keith Sweat until the ‘Cats move him … Wizards coach Flip Saunders isn’t coddling JaVale McGee, either. “Hilton Armstrong has actually played better than JaVale McGee has through camp right now,” Flip told the Washington Post, adding that JaVale “has always been a style guy, and we got to get some substance out of that position.” We still can’t figure out McGee. On one hand, it’s not like he was outclassed when he played with Team USA this summer, but then guys on the USA roster shouldn’t be getting outplayed by Hilton Armstrong. How good do you think he can be? … Do you think Tony Allen is somewhere in Memphis, watching this HILARIOUS video and pining for the good ol’ days? One of the Dime crew’s Celtics fans said this was a big reason the C’s will go all the way this year, until it was pointed out to him that the LeBron-era Cleveland Cavs had a bunch of fun in the locker room too … By now you’ve probably heard the real story behind Carlos Boozer‘s broken pinkie finger: He tripped over a gym bag when he went to answer his door. That doesn’t sound too Tiger Woods-ish on the BS scale. And you know a lot of rich people have security cameras near the front door, so a video of Booz’s “World’s Funniest Home Videos” moment would be awesome if we could get it … We’re out like Pekovic …

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