Video: Behind-The-Scenes With Ricky Rubio’s Road To Recovery

09.18.12 6 years ago

It’s the most famous knee in Minnesota. Now that the state has seen Vikings running back Adrian Peterson come back from ligament tears and has let out a sigh of relief — and after Minnesota showed Brandon Roy working out comfortably on his own, question-mark knees — Ricky Rubio‘s left knee is the most pressing sports issue in the state. A healthy Rubio could hold the key to a playoff appearance, after all. Breathe a little easier, Minnesotans: Rubio’s progress back from a torn ACL in his left knee looks just fine.

The Timberwolves’ video of Rubio’s recovery harkens to Derrick Rose‘s own recorded check-ins on his progress back to playing full-speed. Like Rose, Rubio’s hardly there yet and is still listening to the trainers. Still, the Spaniard’s half-lunges and step-ups without a knee brace have to be taken as good omens so far.

When does Rubio need to be at full strength for the Wolves to make a playoff push?

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