Video: Behind-The-Scenes With Ricky Rubio’s Road To Recovery

It’s the most famous knee in Minnesota. Now that the state has seen Vikings running back Adrian Peterson come back from ligament tears and has let out a sigh of relief — and after Minnesota showed Brandon Roy working out comfortably on his own, question-mark knees — Ricky Rubio‘s left knee is the most pressing sports issue in the state. A healthy Rubio could hold the key to a playoff appearance, after all. Breathe a little easier, Minnesotans: Rubio’s progress back from a torn ACL in his left knee looks just fine.

The Timberwolves’ video of Rubio’s recovery harkens to Derrick Rose‘s own recorded check-ins on his progress back to playing full-speed. Like Rose, Rubio’s hardly there yet and is still listening to the trainers. Still, the Spaniard’s half-lunges and step-ups without a knee brace have to be taken as good omens so far.

When does Rubio need to be at full strength for the Wolves to make a playoff push?

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