Bill Walton Is Living Life To The Fullest And Beating Everyone At Street Fighter

Bill Walton is living the best life. After an amazing career at UCLA and in the NBA, he’s living like a modern college student. Spending his summers following around music festivals, and apparently, his days playing video games.

When you consider that Bill usually goes off on lengthy dissertations on all sorts of topics when he’s doing color for Pac-12 basketball games, it’s pretty clear that Bill isn’t that different from your roommate who seemingly never went to class, smoked a lot of weed, and would corner you in the kitchen to talk about Eastern religions at a party. It also doesn’t hurt that by all accounts, he’s one of the nicest guys in the world, let alone in sports.

Snagging rebounds for folks who want to take a couple shots at the NBA2K booth? That’s the job of whatever poor temp or intern with EA is stuck there, that’s awesome! Think of the story you get to tell later in life, too. Nobody would believe you because “Bill Walton kicked my butt in Street Fighter but then collected my rebounds” sounds like some kind of prescription-induced fever dream.

So if any college kids see Bill out on the Phish tour this summer, or any other shows, say hey. It looks like you might have a lot more in common than just music.

(via Bleacher Report)

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