The Only Person Who Could Truly Do Justice To Birdman’s Memorable Dunk Contest Failure Was The Rapper Birdman

The Venn diagram of people who love the NBA and who love hip hop has a massive overlap, and for that middle section, we have a treat for you: Rapper, record label boss, and hand-rubber extraordinaire Birdman watched footage of Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s memorably awful performance at the 2005 Dunk Contest, and was asked by ESPN’s First Take to give his opinions on the matter. Would you be surprised to hear that Birdman was unimpressed by Other Birdman?

As you watch poor Andersen’s misguided attempts to hurl a basketball from halfcourt to somewhere near the hoop so he can dunk it, you’ll hear such incisive observations as, “The real Birdman wouldn’t do no sh*t like this.” Probably because “the real Birdman” is 5’11 and 47 years old, but we’re picking nits over that. At this point, the rapper acknowledges that he does like the white, tall version, but dismisses the nonsense on TV as a relic of days gone by (in different words). Which is fair.

Oh, and Birdman is just as delighted as you are to see a baby-faced J.R. Smith make a cameo appearance as the bumbling assistant who can’t properly weigh the bounce for the pass he’s supposed to be feeding his teammates. But the main thing on which we agree with rapper Birdman regarding this video is definitely, “He didn’t have enough tattoos, that would have helped him out. He needs more ink on him.” Present-day Birdman’s got you covered.

(Via ESPN)