Everyone On The Internet Made Fun Of The Clippers For Their #Family Tweet

Blake Griffin has yet to return from the broken hand he sustained when he punched a Clippers equipment manager in the face, but even though he’s facing a suspension when healthy, he’s gotten back to attending Clips games in a suit. That sets up the awkward public moment of Griffin and the equipment guy, Mattias Testi, having to acknowledge each other’s presence on the sideline.

Rather than downplay the moment, the Clippers decided to scream, “EVERYTHING’S FINE!” with the above tweet. You’re not fooling anyone, Clips — least of all the jokers of NBA Twitter. By this loose definition of #family, who else qualifies, I wonder? Maybe some dudes with on-court beef?

Those are great, but it’s not #family the way Blake and Testi are clearly #family. Their war is a more personal war, of intrigue and beefs with hidden origins. It clearly goes deeper.

That’s the stuff. No one fights over dark and serious matters like #family. Dwight vs. Stan was a horrifically awkward public moment, much like Blake saying hi to Testi, and it’s always worth remembering the Honey Nut Cheerios incident, but nothing beats that Derek Fisher/Matt Barnes image. That’s the uncut stuff, right there. But we can go even deeper.

That’s great, but —


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