Blake Griffin’s Love Of Comedy Might Be The Driving Force Behind This Season’s Killer Clippers

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When he’s not leading the Evil Los Angeles Clippers with the NBA’s best record, Blake Griffin has been known to dabble in making people laugh. For example, he took the stage for a stand-up set (above) at the Just for Laughs festival in July, and he was genuinely very funny. It shouldn’t have been much of a surprise, seeing as he’s made us laugh in commercials for Kia and most recently Google, as well as Funny or Die videos, but it takes serious cojones to get on stage and tell jokes, and Griffin did it like a comedy veteran.

In a new interview with USA Today, Griffin admits that the Montreal show was scary for him, but overcoming that kind of fear makes him better at everything, including basketball.

“Basketball is obviously always my main thing, (but) I really enjoy doing something (where) you get outside of your comfort zone,” Griffin told USA TODAY Sports recently. “That (show in Montreal) was, like, terrifying. Small audience. Not even like a remotely big show at the festival, but still, like – terrifying…I think that’s how you get better as a person. You figure things out about yourself, and you have confidence about different things, so anything I do I want to do it as well as I possibly can and not just do it to do it.” (Via USA Today)

While we’re only 15 games into the NBA season, the Clippers’ league-best 13-2 record is no fluke. Basketball experts and analysts, including us, have declared that the Evil Clippers are the real deal this season, and we should not take them lightly. They’re dominating in a way that makes us forget about last season’s stupid drama, and while the Warriors are also red hot, having won eight in a row, the Clippers are, for now, the team to beat in the West.

So, what’s the reason for this new attitude and seemingly unstoppable level of play? Is it the fact that the Clippers have embraced the hate and grown evil goatees? Is it Chris Paul’s LASIK surgery that has given him superhuman sight? Or is it because Griffin has taken on a Zen-like mentality, fueled by his love of comedy, that allows him to focus solely on winning?

“After we lost to Memphis (on Wednesday at Staples Center) – and only my son came to the game that night – so we were driving back in the car with him and he was asking questions, like saying stuff and I find myself just like laughing, and not even thinking about the game,” Griffin said. “And at least for that car ride home, and when I’m putting him to bed, it gets your mind off of it. I’m just happy – happy with where I’m at, and that’s the big reason why.”

Take that as a warning, NBA teams. You want Griffin to be angry, punching water coolers and equipment managers. You definitely won’t like him when he’s laughing.

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