Blake Griffin Laughed As Thomas Bryant Tried To Fight Him After Being Thrown To The Ground

Preseason is different for everyone in the NBA world, especially in 2020 with limited deployment and a shortened window to prepare for the regular season. That dichotomy was on full display in one particular moment on Thursday evening, and it came during the third quarter of an otherwise anonymous tilt between the Washington Wizards and the Detroit Pistons. With the Pistons playing quite well in the first half, Washington was trailing and, apparently, frustration set in for Thomas Bryant.

Pistons star Blake Griffin, who is attempting to re-establish himself after a long-term injury, got into a mini-tussle with Bryant, slinging him to the ground during the course of live action. From there, Bryant didn’t take kindly to the gesture.

As noted here, Griffin was assessed a Flagrant-1 foul for his actions, and that is some level of justice for Bryant. Still, it is undeniably amusing to see Griffin flatly laughing as Bryant was incensed, and while Bryant isn’t that young, it could also be the difference between an established long-term veteran and a player that is still rising in the league.

Nothing is that serious in the preseason but, to be charitable to Bryant, it is possible that he thought it was a dangerous action by Griffin and no one wants that. In the end, all was well, and the Wizards got the (very small) win of the flagrant foul.